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I did the projects listed below during my time atbinderholz  statically and structurally planned

Indutriehalle in Holzmassivbauweise in Bodø.

Industrial hall in Bodø Norway

The bracing system was chosen in such a way that the ceiling serves as a disc and the loads are safely transferred to the foundation by wind braces and rigid supports. Due to the rigid supports, which are arranged in the outer axes, the large entrance gates are made possible and the loads in the existing wind bracing are reduced.

Brettsperrholz mit Träger-Stützen Konstruktion. Gebäude kann wieder auf- und abgebaut werden (cradle to cradle)

Office building in Westerlo Belgium

The three-storey building is made entirely of wood, with even the elevator shaft made of cross-laminated timber. The supporting structure corresponds to a skeleton construction that was constructed with efficient main-secondary beam connections.

The special thing about this construction project was that the client specified circular construction. The requirement for the supporting structure was therefore to be easy to dismantle and to contain few composite materials.

Student residence in Bergen Norway

The four-storey student residence is a solid wood construction that was implemented with prefabricated cross-laminated timber elements. The uniform grid results in economical dimensioning of the individual components. The cantilever on the south side of the two top floors was secured by shear walls.

Mehrstöckiges Gebäude aus Brettsperrholz. Hier profitiert der Bauherr von einer kurzen Montagezeit
Reiner Brettsperrholzbau für ein Einfamilienhaus

Detached house in Bonheiden, Belgium

The detached house consists entirely of cross-laminated timber. The stiffening is ensured by continuous shear walls. In order to enable the sometimes large span directions on the ground floor, a ceiling-level steel beam was incorporated into the cross-laminated timber ceiling.

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