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Structural engineering for mass timber

My area of activity includes structural design with a focus on timber construction projects.

The range of services includes the entire structural planning, from the draft to the creation of detailed and implementation plans.

In timber construction in particular, it is important to integrate timber construction expertise into the planning team at an early stage. As a result, a supporting structure suitable for timber construction is designed at an early stage and decisive aspects such as transport logistics, assembly and prefabrication are taken into account in the design phase. These are precisely the points that make timber construction successful, in order to guarantee costs, deadlines and quality.

In order to do justice to this approach, an important part of my service is the creation of a 3D model, through which variants can be compared efficiently and initial aspects can be discussed with the executing timber construction company. Thus, the processing of your construction project does not stop with the statics and general execution plans, but a coherent planning concept of your project is created.


Christoph Hegemann

Dipl. Ing - Tragwerksplaner

Höveler Strasse 25

59846 Sundern

Tel: xxx

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